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Convert between metric and imperial measurements at the touch of a button

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Create your personalized cookbook in RecipeIQ. Save recipes. Add images.

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Menu Features

Calculate the total nutritional value of an entire meal or a group of meals.

Reverse Nutrition

See which nutrients come from which recipe components.

Sub Recipes

Include your favorite components (e.g. homemade sauce) into your grand recipes.


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Cook and Eat Smarter with RecipeIQ App

With our nutrition calculator, discover exactly what's in your home-cooked meals at the touch of a button

Swap Ingredients

Want to cook your favorite meal but are not happy with the nutritional value? No worries! You can swap ingredients and re-calculate the nutritional values.

Personalized Cookbook

Have amazing recipes that work perfectly for you but are tired of recreating them ? You can now save them in RecipeIQ’s app , create your personalized cookbook, add images to your recipes and save valuable time! 

Menu Feature

Want to group a number of recipes together to get the total nutritional value for a meal? Or for a day or a week? By using our menu feature, you can select your saved recipes and see the full picture!  

Sub Recipes

Are you creating a healthy recipe and want to add your all-time favorite sauces? You can now add sub-recipes from your saved recipes and calculate the overall nutritional value.

Reverse Nutrition

Want to see which ingredients in your recipe contribute to the nutrients you need or want to eleminate? You can determine which ingredients contribute to each component. Where is the fat coming from? Why is there so much sodium? Now you can get the answers.

RecipeIQ is more than just a calorie calculator app

It’s your guide to living a healthier life!

With a database of more than 7,300 ingredients, RecipeIQ displays macro and micronutrients per serving and by ingredient.










Vitamins & Minerals


FDA-recommended % daily values


How It Works

RecipeIQ is a recipe nutrition calculator app that gives you all the information you need to cook and eat healthy. Simply scan, review ingredients, and start cooking.


Snap a photo of any recipe, or paste a link to an online recipe.


RecipeIQ will automatically generate the ingredients and nutrition facts by serving.


Edit or add ingredients to suit your dietary specifications or preferences.


Review the updated nutritional information to ensure compatibility with your dietary needs.


Name the recipe something you will remember. Think: “Awesome Stuffing Thanksgiving 2017” or “Dad’s Favorite Chickpea Salad”.


Put the recipe in View mode, and cook with confidence!

Refer back to your RecipeIQ library for tried-and-true favorites.

What Our Users Say About Us

Carmen S. (EveryLastBite)

Food Blogger

This app is truly genius! I have tried other nutrition calculating apps in the past but hated how time consuming and frustrating it was to enter each ingredient separately; with recipeiq all you do is take a photo, so easy!  

Verica V.

Fitness Instructor

I use this app every day to check nutrition info & collect high-protein recipes to power me through my workouts – It's my go-to recommendation for clients who want to make a change in their diet, highly recommend.

Eva G.

Mother of 3

This app is really useful for family meal planning! It shows me which recipes are healthy, and I love that you can save all your edited recipes in one place. Wish someone had thought of this before!

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